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Customer Testimonials

We have heard from many horse and pony owners about the improvements in health and happiness after using a Greenguard Grazing Muzzle. Here are some of the things our customers have said:  

"It's the BEST INVESTMENT I've made for my pony... he can be out when it's hot and able to breath...HAPPY PONY"

"My horse literally destroyed every muzzle I used on her. I bought this one and she is happy with it. She doesn't feel confined with it. I bought a padded breakaway halter to use with it. Other muzzles never lasted a day. This one has been on her 2 weeks and she hasn't even tried to get it off."

"I used Best Friends muzzles for a few years on my foundered horse and my overweight mare. I didn't like the fact that besides how cumbersome they were on their faces, they were extremely hot in the summer/fall months. They usually go thru 2 muzzles each a year. I switched to the Greenguard muzzles and I love them.!!! They work very well and best of all, I think my horses are much happier! Thank you Greenguard for designing a great muzzle!"


"I received this muzzle and halter on Wednesday and immediately saw the positive impact. When I use the standard basket muzzle, my horses try to snort it off but when I put this muzzle on, Snip gave no sign of distress at all. It took her a minute to figure out how to eat with it but soon she was happily grazing. I feel better knowing she can breathe and is cooler in this hot weather. It stayed on well so far and it helps that she is not trying to rub it off. I think I am going to like this and will be investing in two more for my other horses."

"Just received our muzzle yesterday. Love the design and my mini donkey Ollie is much happier to be hanging with his horse buddies. Highly recommend."

"I would highly recommend the Greenguard Muzzle. It's cool and lightweight. I've tried many different muzzles, and they didn't last long because the horse hated them & tried to destroy them. While my horse doesn't want the Greenguard Muzzle for his birthday, he allows me to put it on without fighting. And the Greenguard Muzzle is into its second summer, a record for the muzzles I've tried."


"I love this brand of grazing muzzle. Before now, I could only ever seem to find them in England. Being able to get it from the States is great. Time to put an order together I guess!"

"My mare is a draft cross with a big nose and this does not rub her face at all even the straps don't bother her. She's destroyed every other grazing muzzle but the GreenGuard muzzle she happily puts her face right into!!"

"Thank you, Greenguard. This guy was obese when I got him and still has to lose some weight, but at least he can get a break from the dry lot and hay diet. He has destroyed every nylon muzzle known to man within hours, but the Greenguard is holding up. Great product, happy owner, happy horse!"

"The only muzzles I've used on my horses that stay on and the horses seem happy out in pasture not sulking in a corner."

"Lighter and less bulky especially in hot weather."

"I have kept M & M closer to the house so I can monitor him and make sure he is doing well with the muzzle on. I'm thrilled to report he is! Only had to make one small adjustment and he's off and running, literally. Normally he would be locked into the dry paddock. Thank you again!"

"I'm so thrilled with these muzzles! My mini mule and donkey wear muzzles about 9 months of the year and I typically would go through 2 - 3 muzzles a piece each year as they would chew through the bottoms. That also meant, they weren't consistently having their intake restricted. I decided to give these a try and am so glad I did! So far, they aren't showing any wear and my "little kids" are looking better than ever! With the consistent grazing restrictions, I can actually feel ribs on the mule and she is right where she needs to be. They don't have rubs on their chins and noses! The residual effects of consistent, restricted grazing are showing up with coats looking and feeling better than ever, the donkey normally develops sores on his legs in the summer but so far we are sore free and his legs aren't coated in flies. This is the only overall management change so I have to give credit to the consistent, restricted grazing these muzzles have provided for my little kids! Definitely recommend these to everyone needing a muzzle, well worth the initial investment!" 


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