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Fitting Instructions

Fitting Instructions for your GREENGUARD® Grazing Muzzle

NOTE: these muzzles fit much larger than traditional grazing muzzles. They are designed to have a generous amount of space around the horse’s nose. If the muzzle is too small it may rub.

Safety Notes

  • The muzzle straps are designed to breakaway for safety purposes. We also recommend using a breakaway halter with your muzzle for additional safety.
  • Caution: horse and pony size muzzles may not fit in automatic waterers if the diameter is less than 10”. Check to ensure muzzle fits in your horse’s water source. See our article Automatic Waterers and Your Greenguard Muzzle or click here for a quick reference table of compatible waterers. 
  • Horses’ teeth naturally wear down and become uneven as they graze. Teeth should be checked and floated routinely by your vet or dentist.
  • Your horse will not be able to access a salt block through the muzzle. If wearing muzzle for long periods of time, supplements may be necessary.


  1. It is usually best to attach the muzzle to the halter before putting it on your horse. Using the 4 straps, attach the muzzle to the halter with the greenguard® logo facing the front. This orients the slots correctly and puts the widest part of the muzzle front to back. Note that the greenguard® logo is the same color as the muzzle and can be hard to see at first.
  2. IMPORTANT - adjust the attachment straps to allow 1" space between the horse’s lips and the bottom of the muzzle. This space allows the horse access to the slots to graze since there is no central opening in the muzzle. The muzzle works much like a slow feeder. 
  3. Adjust the straps so that the muzzle is parallel to the horse's mouth and not tilted up or down. The front of the muzzle should lay flat against the front of the horse's nose to allow plenty of space for the chin.
  4. Ensure that the straps are not so tightly connected to the halter that they bend the muzzle or alter it's shape as this can cause the muzzle to warp and/or break. The straps should be long enough to allow the muzzle to move freely and independently of the halter when the horse is grazing. Once muzzle is fitted, you may cut the straps if they are too long.
  5. Read "Best ways to introduce the Greenguard Grazing Muzzle to your horse." and monitor your horse closely in the first couple weeks. If you notice any rubbing or issues keeping the muzzle on see: "Rubbing Issues: Most Common Culprits." or "Help, My Horse is a Houdini!" or contact us - we can help!
Tip: Wrap a piece of electrical or duct tape around the straps and buckles to prevent your horse (and his friends) from unbuckling and losing them. Neon colored tape work great if you are worried about your "houdini" losing the muzzle out in the pasture.

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